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Old Testament Survey

Welcome to the Old Testament


I love the Old Testament with its rich pictures of people and their problems – as well as the solutions to those problems. David, Noah, Abraham, Samson, all stories many learn in Sunday School, heros we remember from our childhood, whether we let it teach us or not. In each book of God’s Word, we find His method for dealing with men and their dilemmas. And, more importantly, we find the symbols and pictures and markers which point to Christ. The Old Testament is the road map of life which demonstrates the need for a Savior. It is also the road sign along the highway of life which points to an event occurring some four hundred years after the close of the Old Testament.

There are many ways to study Gods Word.

A survey is more of a synthetic study, for it is a review and overview of the books of the Bible and their relationship to the “forest.” This survey will, along the way, attempt to point out key doctrines and types, occasionally analyzing some verses in depth to explain the relationship of the Old Testament to the New. For, in the end, all of Scripture answers two questions for us. The first, the key, is HOW TO FIND GOD. The second, almost equally important, is HOW TO LIVE ONCE YOU HAVE FOUND GOD.

The entire of Scripture is an effort to answer these two questions. Many thing the Old Testament is a thing of the past would be surprised to learn that there are over 350 direct quotes or clear allusions from the Old Testament in just the book of Revelation! The New Testament concerns itself with the Person of God in the form of Jesus Christ. It is only through a study of the Old Testament, however, that we come to have our basic understanding of God’s majesty, power, holiness, and sovereignty. His love, goodness, and wisdom are defined for us in the pages of the Hebrews Scriptures.

The Old Testament presents the background for the New Testament. It is the preparation and foundation of Christianity. In it we find

So, sit back and join me as we tour the Old Testament. Keep your eyes open for Jesus as we travel through the history of ancient Israel.

Jim Arthur
Calvary Road Baptist Church
Wednesday Night Alive
Winter 2000




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