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God's Existence

The Moral Argument

Job 12:3
But I have intelligence as well as you; I am not inferior to you. And who does not know such things as these?

There is a variation of both the cosmological and teleological arguments referred to as the esthetic argument. Look around you at the beauty of nature. Humans have the unique ability to appreciate this beauty. How could these co-exist except that an outside creator designed the beauty and provided man with the intelligence and personality and ability to admire and appreciate the beauty? This requires a God of creation.

The moral or anthropological argument is based upon an argument similar to the esthetic approach. Man is an intelligent creature. He has a conscience which is based upon an innate moral code. This natural law requires a Law-Giver. Society, via its various forms of government, generally has recognized the concepts of right and wrong. Where does this uniform impulse come from, if not from God.

Reason declares all of this to be true. The atheist is a fool, and must bow to the existence of God. Only one who blindly overlooks all of the evidence may conclude there is no God.




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