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According to John Calvin, predestination is the eternal decree of God whereby God has handpicked before time those who will be saved and those who will be lost.† It is, if you will, a double choice, or a set of two active choices by God, not a set composed of one active and one passive choice.† Based upon Ephesians 1:11, there are two aspects of predestination

Calvin sees the need for both.† In his view, salvation is entirely a matter of Godís grace while condemnation is the natural result of manís sinful state.

In its complete structure, Calvinism is presented by five key points:

Particularly in the area of predestination, one must understand the Calvinistic view as a comparison to Arminianism:

At the risk of further confusing the issue, both systems of interpretation have their shortcomings.† The truth of God most likely rests in some combination of the two that cannot be explained based upon the existing revelation from God.




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